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Alison Lutz misquoted in media
Posted: 26 September 2013

Recently Alison Lutz was asked to comment about pelvic floor muscle trauma in pregnancy and childbirth, to The West Australian. However, she was unfortunately misquoted.

The article stated:
"Alison Lutz, of Hillview Physiotherapy, said pelvic floor weakening occurred during pregnancy, not the delivery, and was possible with both a natural birth and a caesarean."

What the article should have said, is "not JUST the delivery" - one small word, with a big difference in meaning!

As many women appreciate from personal experience, pelvic floor weakening happens both with pregnancy AND delivery. In fact, significant trauma to the pelvic floor is most likely to occur during difficult/prolonged childbirth, with delivery of larger babies (greater than 4000g) and with the use of forceps to assist delivery of the baby. However, Alison's point was that Caesarian section is not necessarily the answer to preventing pelvic floor weakening, as the pelvic floor stretches and weakens throughout pregnancy, regardless of the mode of delivery. Even women who have Caesarians need to do their pelvic floor exercises, to ensure the muscles return to the best possible function. In an ideal world health professionals would be able to accurately predict those women who are most at risk of severe pelvic floor trauma, and counsel them accordingly on their mode of delivery... however we're not there yet. 'Watch this space', as the gynaecologist quoted in this news article is undertaking ground-breaking and exciting research headed in this direction.

You can read the full article by The West Australian here:
Article: Big babies blamed for push to caesars

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